The Timothy Project, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about  The Timothy Project.  And I wrote “to be continued”….I was convinced after thinking about it for years, that I knew why it mattered to me to help homeless people on Christmas Day.  This past week I have wrestled with part two of this post, mainly because I […]

The Timothy Project, Part 1

  As far back as I can remember, a feeling of sorrow washes over me during the holidays.  I can’t think of any word to describe it–it’s just sorrow.  It started happening around the age of ten.  I would start seeing Christmas lights in November, stores would play the familiar carols and Salvation Army bells […]

Me Too, I Guess?

I walked around my house yesterday with that question rambling through my head. Should I put up “Me Too?”   Do I “deserve” to say Me Too?  After all, my sexual harassment wasn’t “that bad.”  Was it?  I’ve never forgotten the sick feelings, hiding in the bathrooms, running the other way to avoid “him.”   […]

Sticky Popsicles and Picc Lines

I guess you know things are bad when your therapist tells you to get a life. It was about five years ago and I was in my therapist’s office, balled up on the couch like a baby, shivering under a blanket. I was trying to escape a cold Oregon day and the reality that had […]

We’re Not Hallmark Moms

I posted this Instagram three years ago.  These were words I never wanted my Mother to see, and I foolishly thought posting it on Social Media was “safe” because my Mom had no idea what that meant.  I knew she would never see it, so I to let my words flow freely.  Mother’s Day has […]

The Briefcase

My Dad used to carry around a briefcase, long after he was retired.  It had everything in it he needed to stop smoking. There was nicotine gum, the patch, a couple of prescriptions from his doctor for smoking cessation pills, and a package of black jelly beans.  It was all tucked in neat and tidy, […]

Every Hard Thing

For about five years, I’ve done the same thing every morning when I wake up.  I pray for five people and I thank God for five things.  Well, that’s how it started.  It’s morphed into praying for five people, or five situations, or five countries, tragedies….you get the idea.  Pray for Five.  It came to […]


I quietly got divorced this week, with little fanfare, no announcements and certainly no celebrations.  A lot of people think I already was divorced.  Over 740 days ago, I wanted out.  It was the hardest decision of my life.  I didn’t believe in divorce.  I believed in God, family, and promises.  And here I sit […]

Binges, Beer Bongs and Blackouts

Can we talk about the alcohol?  Because we need to talk about the alcohol, not just the rape.  We are disgusted, horrified and infuriated by Emily’s powerful victim impact statement.  It is also horrifying that there are dozens, possibly hundreds of women just like Emily, who will wake up this morning minus their Victoria’s Secret […]

I Can’t Find My Pants

I have been told at times that my blog is sad.  I write about darkness, broken dreams, and reaching for the light.  I write about being lost, scratching through dust and weeds to find hope.  I write about angst.  So tonight from the kitchen,  I will attempt to bring you some laughter.  Because I’m laughing […]