#My Red Cup Story

I’ve avoided the Starbucks Red Cup controversy until now…  I’m going to say something completely different than what you’ve been reading.  I think this is weird.  Starbucks put out plain red cups and the whole world went insane.  I’m wondering what’s wrong with us.  I’ve been reading some of the articles and I completely don’t understand why we all went insane over red cups.  Then I got to thinking, why did this happen in the first place?  So I went to Starbucks.com.  To the source.  And I saw this

“In the past, we have told stories with our holiday cups designs,” said Fields. “This year we wanted to usher in the holidays with a purity of design that welcomes all of our stories.” Jeffrey Fields, Starbucks VP of Design and Content

How many people wake up every morning and want a clean slate?  I do.  They invited us to share our stories.  Why aren’t we?   Why are we screaming and yelling and quoting scripture telling everyone Starbucks hates Jesus?  Why are we wasting so much energy?

I drove to Starbucks this morning and I got 4 cups of (decaf) coffee.  Four red cups.  Four blank slates.  I wrote on them.  I made a video, posted it to FaceBook and I hope I started something.  What if we all just decided to do something different?  I’m leaving Red Cups everywhere.  I have a story.  You have a story.  We all have a story and now we have a place to write it.  We can pick anything.  What if we picked joy?   You could write on a red up and leave it for a stranger.  A little note of encouragement.  You could leave a note for your kid or your spouse.  You could bring someone who is getting chemo some tea, and leave a note on the cup.


You could put your favorite song lyrics, bible verses, quotes or words of encouragement.

Dear Starbucks, will you please outfit all of your stores with Sharpie Markers.  A little basket at the counter, we can just grab a Sharpie while we’re sipping on our coffee, and jot down a few words (or in my case a lot) and when we’re done with our coffee, we’re going to take our cup and leave it for someone.

Wish someone a great day.  Spill your greatest fears onto that cup   Make someone laugh.  Share Your Story.

Everyone, stop fighting and embarrassing us to the rest of the world!   It’s a coffee cup.  Can we get over ourselves, and entertain the idea that maybe they had a great idea?  Use your cup for a rant if you want.

So I’m going to start…..I am.   Right now this minute.   I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself.  I’m a writer, a storyteller and a photographer.  I’m going to put an idea out there today because I hope we can refocus.  Dear Starbucks, thank you for giving me a clean slate.


I have stories to share Starbucks and you gave me a canvas.   Thank you!  I hope to see all the decorations of Christmas from all across the world scribbled on your cups.  I want to  see smiley faces,  Lord of the Rings quotes and some of my favorite bible verses.  I want song lyrics and all kinds of new hash tags.   Let’s see love stories, letters to soldiers and notes to “missed connections”.  If we’re going to get our unders  in a wad over the red cups, can we make it fun?

Are you having a horrible day, or a great day did something really funny just happen to you.   Do you need to spread a little light, do you want to rant about your boss or your kids or the fact that you have 10 loads of laundry and no clean socks for the 20th day in a row.  Starbucks cups!

What if we just laid down our hostility, preaching, yelling screaming, and just picked up a pen and shared our story?





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