The Twelve Days of Love Letter Writing

Has anyone ever told you how much power you have, in the palm of your hand.  You hold a key.   This December, unfolding all around the world is a beautiful campaign to spread Love, Hope and Joy.  And you hold a key, in the form of a pen and a piece of paper.  Maybe we’re all just aching right now and wondering “how can I help” during these crazy uncertain times?  I would like to invite you to help bring immense joy to an 11 year old girl, facing a struggle far greater than most of us could ever imagine.  Share your hope, share your story, and touch another soul with kind words.  I am honored to partner with More Love Letters, to spread the news of The 12 Days of Love Letter Writing.  Sharing stories is powerful.  Maybe something you have personally faced can help this sweet girl, and lift her up.


In November of 2012 I discovered Hannah Brencher’s TED Talk, sharing her story about spreading Love Letters all over New York City, to fight her depression and bring light into darkness.  She dropped notes of encouragement on the subway, in bookstores, coffee shops and random park benches.  She told people they mattered.  She told people they were worth it.  She told people to fight, to never let go of dreams, and she ignited a worldwide Love Letter campaign.  The World Needs More Love Letters  Now is your chance to tell someone to never give up!  Will you help a little girl to know, deep down to her very core how much she matters and share your love, your story.  Let’s shower her with a huge bundle of letters.

Meet Eliana


Eliana’s Story

Eliana is only 11 years old and has lived with a debilitating and life threatening lung disease called pulmonary hypertension (or PH high blood pressure on the lungs) her entire life. Because of PH she is unable to participate in any sports, she’s unable to run and play like other kids her age. PH causes extreme breathlessness and fatigue and chest pain with little exertion. She has to use a mobility scooter most the time because sometimes even walking from one end of a room to another is too much for her. She has undergone many many surgeries in her young life and has had many hospital stays. Through it all she remains positive and continues to shine a light wherever she goes. She wasn’t expected to see her first birthday because she was so sick as a baby. Most PH patients don’t live much longer after 5 years of being diagnosed but Eliana continues to defy the odds everyday. Eliana’s name means=my God answers! Grab your favorite stationery to send Eliana and extra ray of sunshine today!


Eliana’s bundle

℅ Chris C.

1628 Montara Dr

Los Lunas, NM 87031


Writing a letter takes just a few short minutes.  That shiny sparkly bright pink flower card you see was only 99 cents from Trader Joe’s!   Do you know they have glorious cards for only 99 cents!  Since Eliana is 11, I added some glitter, a few flowers and a letter of encouragement.  Sometimes when I write I add gift cards from Starbucks (never necessary or required, just something I add in sometimes!) or a verse card or note from some of my favorite sites.  Ashlee Proffitt and Jordanne Marie are two of my favorites!  Kelly Rae Roberts is an amazing artist and I use her cards for MLL requests all the time!



Letter writing saved me and pulled me up from some of the saddest days of my life.  I would sit up on my bed, with tea, cards that I had collected from quirky stationery stores, the local market and just the grocery store.  Sometimes I would buy a shiny new pen.  Putting that pen to paper and encouraging total strangers brought me so much joy.  Mailing those letters always left me with a huge grin on my face and my heart was full.  Don’t think for one minute that a tiny act of kindness can’t change someone’s world.  Don’t think that it can’t change your world!  If you can’t find light, be the light.  If you are falling down, help someone else up.  When I’m not writing for letter bundles, I still write letters and drop them in random places.  I slip them inside of books, and on tables at coffee shops.  It never gets old, the feeling that you have helped another person, in the tiniest way.  When you visit More Love Letters and see the photos of recipients with their letter bundles, hundreds of letters from all over the world, your heart will be full.  Let’s shower Eliana with letters and love!

DSC08468DSC08463Sweet Eliana, this is for you girl.  You are a light


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