Word of the Year…Water

I thought I knew what my “word” was for 2016.  I love the concept of a Word instead of a Resolution.   In 2013 I chose Patience, 2014 was Moments, in 2015 I chose Gold.  Each had a special meaning, and sometime around the month of October I started thinking about my “word”.  I chose […]

The Twelve Days of Love Letter Writing

Has anyone ever told you how much power you have, in the palm of your hand.  You hold a key.   This December, unfolding all around the world is a beautiful campaign to spread Love, Hope and Joy.  And you hold a key, in the form of a pen and a piece of paper.  Maybe we’re […]

#My Red Cup Story

I’ve avoided the Starbucks Red Cup controversy until now…  I’m going to say something completely different than what you’ve been reading.  I think this is weird.  Starbucks put out plain red cups and the whole world went insane.  I’m wondering what’s wrong with us.  I’ve been reading some of the articles and I completely don’t […]

A Letter From Time

Dear Beating Heart, I see you sleeping tonight, your breath moving softly across the pillow.  I know you are dreaming.  I’m in your dream and although you don’t know, I have always been in your dreams.  I am you.  Tonight some of you will dream that you have been given more of me.  When you […]

A Drop of Hope

Do you see the tiny drop of water?  Suspended in time, as if it’s paralyzed.  So full of potential.  It hasn’t hit the water yet, so it doesn’t know about ripples, how far they reach,  how they extend to the most unexpected places.  It has no idea what’s about to happen.  It doesn’t know that […]

Dust and Weeds, Surviving The Darkness

“Never apologize for what you had to do to survive”.  I don’t know the author of this quote, I wish I knew so I could give credit.  It is keeping me strong right now.  I have been trying to write this post for over a week, after taking these photos.  I take pictures, I search […]

And There Were Unicorns

She nudged my arm  and with a tiny wink she pointed to the card on the table in the letterpress room. Unicorns.  It’s our little secret, a club of sorts.  There’s magic,  dreams come true and no one can ever rob us of our childlike wonder.  We were touring the letterpress room at Oblation.  We […]

Paralysis of Analysis

My Dad used to use that phrase.  Sometimes he still says that to me, “you’re suffering paralysis of analysis”.  I had a really funny post written for tonight, poking some fun at myself and fessing up a deep dark secret that only some Mom’s would understand.  But then gunshots rang out again, and funny seemed […]

You’ve Got A Golden Ticket

According to my research, the possibility exists that 90% of blog readers have an attention span of three sentences. The likelihood of them scrolling any further is slim. I’m on sentence three, and I’d love it if you’d grab some coffee or cocoa and stay with me until the end. All the glittery gold is […]